Monday, May 12, 2008

Hopes and Dreams - May 12 2008

What are our strengths? Each county and municipality will have different strengths to share. Here in Cincinnati, we are strong on the arts. With world class arts organizations like Playhouse in the Park, the Cincinnati Symphony and the Cincinnati Arts Museum, we have solid foundation. Then we have great innovative arts coming out of the Art Academy, Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival, and dozens of other independent organizations.

Investment in the arts creates a vibrant atmosphere that draws in regional tourism. It also helps to foster a culture of creativity. Shown here are photos of a local college's chorus and orchestra in an outdoor performance .... investing in the Arts helps us all to build something better for Ohio.

How can we build on this strength ... support local arts organizations that are producing work that interests, entertains, and challenges you. Consider taking a class and creating some art yourself. Paint, write, build, perform. Any of it would be better than spending countless hours in a dark casino plunking quarters into a one-armed bandit.

Lets build Our Ohio Now!

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