Monday, May 12, 2008

Letter to the Editor in the Cincinnati Enquirer -- we can do better

The Cincinnati Enquirer ran this letter to the Editor from Teresa Davis:

For my Ohio now, I must say no to a casino ("Ohio voters could make casino resort reality," March 13). Even if I were to lose my mind, morals and values and become gung-ho for a casino in Ohio, the "My Ohio Now" advertisements with Vicki Lawrence and Jamie Farr are insults to my intelligence, my vested interest in Ohio (native of 43 years) and my sense of humor. I would vote a hearty no because of the ads alone.

But the core reason My Ohio Now should not include a casino in Clinton County is that casinos are nothing more but increased taxation on the poor. The wealthy are not pouring money into the casinos and adding profit to the state. The poor who want to turn their basic living wage into a fortune go and give their money away based upon this false hope of windfall with the roll of the dice.

It also is amusing to hear the advertisement state that all of the bordering states of Ohio have casinos and our money is leaving the state at 65 mph. Let them leave and let them go. Children learn the lesson early, but advertising executives and casino owners must have forgotten: If Indiana jumps off a bridge, does that mean we have to too? No.

The population of Ohio has not clamored and demanded a casino thus far. The private owner of this proposed casino, however, is clamoring for such and filling the airwaves with nonsense.

Moreover, we are more creative people and can do better than a quick fix at the blackjack table. Ohioans are hearty, smart people who have held up through labor and economic hardships. A long-lasting, fundamentally life-giving industry must be considered long before a casino.

Here at Our Ohio Now, we couldn't agree with you more, Teresa. The idea that we ought to jump on the bandwagon because "all the cool states are doing it" is pretty insulting. Instead, let's encourage our homegrown grassroots talents. We as citizens can, through our own initiative, be about making things better. And we don't need casinos to do it!

Let's build Our Ohio Now.

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