Thursday, May 15, 2008

True stories from casino land ... is this the kind of scene we want in Ohio?

The BizzFlip business blog has a great story about a lesson learned from a casino trip experience.... The writer won big at a casino on his first night out, and so the next night....

You guessed it; we decided that since they were just giving money away at the casino it would be stupid not to go back. When we got there we already felt like we owned the place. I remember we got comped a late night dinner. I had never before heard of anyone getting comped at an Indian casino. I felt like Rockefeller as I ate my gratis country fried steak and eggs.

And then the inevitable happened. We decided to press our luck. I don’t remember if it was after the 4th or 5th trip to the ATM when I started to feel sick to my stomach. All I know is that as we were leaving the casino I will never forget what happened. A couple gals who worked there stopped us and as they were holding back their laughter had the tenacity to say, "We were wondering how many times you guys were going to go to the ATM." Those words haunted me the entire drive back.

And this is the kind of industry My Ohio Now wants to bring to our state to make us stronger and better. A reader comment to the post really hit home....
I don't even like to step into casinos anymore - the energy is filled with dark fear, people's faces are like masks disguising all the pain and fear in their lives. And then they get upset at the dealer or the casino when they lose, once again? In general, there are two kinds of people in casinos, losers and LOSERS! I'm sorry but it's true. The whole casino eco-system exists because of late nights, alcohol, drugs, lust and the burning of hard-earned money.

This isn't a matter of personal liberty. Anyone is free to log online and throw their money away gambling. Anyone is free to drive to a casino anywhere in the US and gamble. The Founders of our nation gave the rights to the states to regulate business within their borders for the express reason that different states have different standards and different plans for being great communities. Ohio has carved out a niche by saying we're going to be better .... we're not going to rely on the emotional sink holes of casinos to provide a crack-cocaine like boost our economy. Instead we're going to focus on our strengths.

So let's look to where we're already strong. And let's build Our Ohio Now!

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